Top Projects

It is often difficult to recognize which investment is appropriate and secure, especially if you want to invest a little more money. This is why we have listed our top investments at this point which we constantly monitor and evaluate. These projects have acceptable risk, some investors even say low-risk.

Basically, the more return you get, the more risk is in the investment. An important factor is, of course, the proof of a real company, which is also given here. However, here too, there is an above-average basic risk for all investments. In the case of the proposed programs, however, the return is designed in a reasonable scale, which indicates an acceptable longevity of the programs.

Group 1 – The Top Long-Term Investments with small risk

No 1 – SkyWay Capital

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SkyWay Capital is a Russian company whose main task is to place the financing of the innovative high-tech transport project SkyWay (highways with speeds of up to 500 km/h connecting the cities) to the world market. With SkyWay Capital, we have the great opportunity to secure early-stage stocks of a forward-looking company with high discounts. Please note: The Crowdinvesting (buying shares for small investors) before the official stock exchange will only be possible for a limited time!



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