Free Spillover

The team of has a limited offer only for the first of you.

Get a massive Downline & Spillover Commissions automatically.

How does it work?

CashGeek puts you Referral link into the Registration-button on through a link rotator.

What is a link rotator?

A link rotator is a unique link that allows you to route visitors to different landing pages.

In our case, when a visitor clicks the Registration-button on he will be redirected to one of the multiple URLs we have provided. One of these URL’s is your Referral link so you’ll build a downline automatically.

How do you qualify for Spillover?

  1. Get registered at the chosen Investment program and deposit a minimum of 50 USD or 50 EUR.
  2. Become a CashGeek Community member. You can find the registration form when you click the On/Off-Button at the top right of every page or click just here. The registration is free.
  3. Apply for Spillover through the application form.

Apply for Spillover