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Last Update: 21.07.2017

Incloud New08.07.2017HyipMid TermHigh RiskPaying
1 – 2% daily – more info soon
CoinXL New05.07.2017TradingLong TermMedium RiskPaying30% monthly –more info soon
GiGAROAM27.06.2017MobileLong TermLow RiskPayingup to 40% monthly – more info soon
Spey Invest Ltd27.06.2017TradingLong TermHigh RiskPaying1 % – 1,4% daily – read full article
Elect Capital22.06.2017TradingLong TermMedium RiskPaying6 % – 20% monthly – more info soon
Coin Manager12.06.2017HyipLong TermHigh RiskPaying1 % daily lifetime – more info soon
Investellect07.06.2017HyipLong TermHigh RiskPaying1,2% daily and long term potential – more info soon
CryptoGold07.06.2017MiningLong TermMedium RiskPaying>1% daily read full article
Stamford Trading25.05.2017TradingLong TermLow RiskPaying6% – 20% monthly - read full article
Roly Investment23.05.2017TradingLong TermMedium RiskPaying21% – 35% monthly - read full article
Crypto Private Index19.05.2017HybridLong TermHigh RiskPayingfrom 40% weekly - more info soon
MySystem X04.05.2017TradingLong TermVery Low RiskPayingup to 30% monthly -  read full article
WegoCrypto29.04.2017NetworkLong TermLow RiskPayingmore info soon
Coindirect27.04.2017CrowdfundingLong TermMedium RiskPayingmore info soon
Top Luxury Group20.04.2017TradingShort TermHigh RiskPaying1% - 7,8% daily - read full article
Vacation4You20.04.2017MLMLong TermLow RiskPaying10% yearly + more - more info soon
HT Alicance23.03.2017ShareMid TermMedium RiskPayingfrom 0,70% daily for 30 days - more info soon
LaVida Nueva03.04.2017TradingLong TermMedium RiskPayingfrom 1% daily - read full article
Gem4Me08.03.2017ShareLong TermVery Low RiskPayingbuy shares of a messenger app - more info
Resonance Capital01.03.2017HyipLong TermMedium RiskPayingfrom 44% for 168 days - more info soon
AVA Trade24.02.2017TradingLong TermVery Low RiskPaying5-10% monthly with licensed broker - more info
GiraCoin06.02.2017MiningLong TermVery Low RiskPayingMining of the GiraCoins - more info soon
GainBitCoin31.01.2017Cloud MiningLong TermLow RiskPaying10 % Mining Outputs monthly -  more info soon
Lions Trading Club12.01.2017TradingLong TermMedium RiskPayingup to 45% monthly - read full article
My Fynance App10.01.2017Affiliate ProgramLong TermVery Low RiskWaitingno capital needed - more info soon
Avalon Life02.01.2017Bitcoin MiningLong TermVery Low RiskPayingcrypto mining - more info soon
Trade Coin Club20.12.2016Crypto TradingLong TermLow RiskPayingmin. 0,35% daily | Binary | Matrix read full article
Optioment18.12.2016Bitcoin TradingLong TermLow RiskPaying2% weekly – more info soon
Biznet03.11.2016TradingLong TermLow RiskPayingfrom 30% monthly - read full article
Usi Tech01.11.2016TradingLong TermVery Low RiskPayingTrading Roboter and BTC packages with 1% daily up to 140 days – read full article
Crypt Trade Capital14.10.2016TradingLong TermLow RiskPayingup to 29,7 % monthly read full article
RedeX30.08.2016MLMLong TermLow RiskPayingmulitplicate BTC through spillover - more info soon
SkyWay Capital07.06.2016CrowfundingLong TermVery Low RiskPayingInvest in Russian Rail Transport System – more info
CashBackMarketing25.05.2016CashbackLong TermLow RiskWaiting1 % daily lifetime - more info soon
Questra Holding/Atlantic Global
23.03.2016CrowdfundingLong TermVery Low RiskPaying4-6% weekly – read full article
Bitclub Network01.01.2015Bitcoin MiningLong TermVery Low RiskPayingread full article

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