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New Video online – Cryp Trade Capital English Presentation

Cryp Trade Capital – English Presentation

Hello investors and wannabe investors, in this video I’m going to talk about Cryp Trade Capital which is a very innovative company that is dealing with cryptocurrencies. So let’s start.

You see that cryptocurrencies are part of the money evolution. It all has started with precious metal and has been continued by fiat money and credit cards, and now the newest invention are the cryptocurrencies with the Number one currency Bitcoin. I’m sure you can remember the financial crisis which lasted from 2007 until 2011 and which can happen again. Also, bankrupting banks and companies, along with layoffs and cuts are alway present around us.

Bitcoin is the first world cryptocurrency. In this chart you can see the performance of the Bitcoin since its start in 2009. You can very easily realize that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile which means there are high price changes in relatively short time. Here you can see the advantages of Bitcoin. There is impossibility of forgery and a high volatility. There are minimum fees. Then the anonymity of transactions and the absence of intermediaries. In this extract you can see the most popular cryptocurrencies. Overall, there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies.

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was about 25 billion dollars in march 2017. Also, you can see the market capitalization of bitcoin with about 20 million dollars. Here you can the exchange value of Bitcoin with 1228 dollars per bitcoin. This was in March 2017. Today, on the 8th of July the value of a bitcoin is 2517 dollars. So the value redoubled in about 3 months.

Here you can the exchange value of Ethereum, the number 2 cryptocurrency. In march 2017 it was about 50 dollars and today it is 246 dollars. So today it is worth almost 5 times the value before three months.

So, how to make money with cryptocurrency? There are three certain paths of development in cryptographic trading. One of them is storing cryptocurrencies and wait for higher prices. The second one is active trading which is very lucrative because of the high market volatility and last but not least there is trust management. This is what the Cryp Trade Capital website looks like. And here you can see the documents of legal registration. You can also find them on the website.

Crypto Capitals main office is in Alicante, in the southeast of Spain, Europe.

Here you can see what the company structure looks like. Here is the company geography. You can see that the most customers are from Germany. You can easily realize that there is big growth potential in the countries of USA and India.

The company products are Bitcoin-ATM machines, Credit cards, Online Trading and Investment Portfolios.

Here you can see the three investment portfolios. In the standard portfolio you can invest from 50 dollars to 4999 dollars and you get 17,7 % monthly return and 215,35% yearly return. The payouts took part 2 times per month in the 15th and 30th day of a month. And your investment is for 365 days. The second portfolio is the mega portfolio which starts from 5000 dollars and ends with 9999 dollars. You get a monthly return of 23,7% and a yearly return of 288,35%. The payouts also take part 2 times per month and the investment is for 365 days. And last but not least there is the VIP portfolio which you can invest in from 10000 dollars to 20000 dollars and you get a monthly return of 29,7% and a yearly return of 361,35%. In this portfolio the payouts take part one time per month and the investment is for 365 days.

Here you can see a calculation example. If we invest 1500 dollars in the standard plan we get paid with 265.5 dollars per month and 3230.25 dollars per year. If we invest 7000 dollars we get paid with 1659 dollars per month and 20184.5 dollars per year. And last but not least, if we invest 14000 dollars we get paid with 4158 dollars per month and 50589 dollars per year.

Cryp Trade Capital uses only the best payment instruments that are already set up to work. These are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money and Advcash.

There is also a very lucrative affiliate program. Here you can see the career levels. In the first level you get 7% affiliate commission for every deposit your partner makes and the structure turnover counted 100%. If you invest 50 dollar you become an Agent and the second commission level is unlocked so you get additionally 5% commission for every deposit of the partner of your partner. When you reach a structure turnover of 1000 dollars you get an award of 100 dollars and you become a senior agent. As a senior agent you get also 3% commissions for the third partner level and you need 5000 dollars structure turnover for reaching the next level. When you reach it you get the status managing agent and you get an award of 350 dollars. 60% of level 3 turnover goes into your structure turnover. And so on up to the level black diamond, which is the highest level.

So my conclusion about Cryp Trade Capital is that the company has very high potential. It has already proven that it is serious and works very professionally. I have many partners who invest high sums in here and who are very satisfied. I would be happy to welcome you in my team. CashGeek says Happy earnings and good cooperation.

You can download the pdf presentation that I used in the video here.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

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