V-Tec – New name, same trader, more chances

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V-Tec – New name, same trader, more chances

V-Tec went Scam on Juli 20th 2017 !!!

There are many successful traders, but only a few are available. When a trader reaches a certain level, he makes what is called “spread ones wings”. Martin Vogt is such a trader.

Like the phoenix from the ashes

As an electronic trading company, V-Tec Trading focuses on delivering a compelling liquidity offer for Forex markets, which are accessible via an API.
V-Tec is the pioneer of non-bank liquidity, which is not new, but has grown dynamically in recent years. Martin Vogt has become one of the leading global players in the past five years, through cooperation in FX algorithmic trading. Thanks to its excellent reputation, other prominent companies also join.vtec sign
Yesterday still an employee, today already founder of a very successful system. On the Forex market daily more than 4 trillion dollars are implemented. A large portion of this is recorded as profits. Gains which are distributed to the broker, to the trader, to the bank and then to the customer or investor.
If we take our money and put it on a banknote of a bank, the bank often takes the money to speculate on the stock market. The profit from it is so high that we can actually talk with banks at frauds, if they give us not even 1% as a yearly interest on it.
Martin Vogt as trader, CEO and founder of V-Tec, does not just make empty words. He adheres to the principle of “A man a word!” – so he has promised to show us that he is trading and how his proceeds are. He does, with MyFxBook we are able to see his work and to confirm the results. His investment bot was launched by him at employee times and earlier than expected, decoupled to his own company. After a few technical difficulties with server change, the downtime of the bot was used to found the company “on the fly”. The decision came as a surprise to many, but I was in touch with Martin during this time, advocating the decision to use this down phase of the bot. Thus, the V-Tec-Bot is not only the first transparent Bot, but also the first bot who has kept his promise with his return. No data has been lost, no investment has been lost and the return for the 2 days is attached to the maturity. He promises to no one great wealth through unrealistic profits, but he also says that with a certain amount of money, a corresponding result can be achieved.

I rarely have the opportunity to present a system in such a way, but the communication with the CEO is great here. He does not avoid any question and says directly what is going on. Many want to be part of the company, no matter what is to be done, even if it is just cooking coffee, but all want to be part of the big whole.


The headquarters of the company is not like many would suspect London, but Cyprus. Why? Because it is easier to purchase a license for both trading and a financial services license, as the authorities are specialized in this. They are prepared here on such things as instant establishment and licensing. If all the documents are available, you have enough money to hand and you are in Cyprus, you can do it in a few hours. As in Martin’s case, since it was basically only formalities, the smooth course has also been given here.

An office is located in Bahamas, where Martin also has permanent residence. In addition, a representative office in Spain’s capital Madrid is planned for November 2017.

Investment plans

vtec investment plans

Start Plan

Investment amount: 0.01 – 1.99 BTC

Profit: 3 % every workday (Mo-Fr)

Runtime: 45 workdays (9 weeks)

Payouts and Reinvests: Instant

Pro Plan

Investment amount: from 2 BTC

Profit: 3.6 % every workday (Mo-Fr)

Runtime: 45 workdays (9 weeks)

Payouts and Reinvests: Instant

Affiliate Program

v-tec affiliate program

We get affiliate commission on 3 levels. Since June 15th, 2017, there has been a higher commission of 8% on the first level instead of 5%. The reason for this increase is that Martin wants to return something to the promoters because everything runs smoothly, especially the trading. Of course, without decent promotion runs nothing. On level 2 you get 3% and on the 3rd level still full 2% commission.

As an additional incentive, there is also the Referral Contest, where you can win from one of the popular Ledger Nano S to luxury holidays at the Atlantic Hotel in Bahamas including Meet & Greet with CEO Martin Vogt and Special Guest Dan Bilzerian. However, this requires a first-line turnover from 3 BTC to 200 BTC.

v-tec Contest


  • 05/26 – 07/31/2017 Referral Contest
  • 09/30/2017 Leadership at Eurosstar Hotel Madrid
  • 11/01/2017 – Office opening in Madrid
  • 12/16/2017 Christmas event at the Westin Grand Hotel in Munich

vtec events


Multilingual Telegram-Support



I can say that I have some experience with Telegram bots since I was already part of three bots and I was successful in all three, which means I made more money than I lost. With V-Tec we have a special bot because our money goes into Forex trading, which performance is proven. In my opinion it is a good long term investment so I’m in with 2 BTC.

We hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]As always, we’ll pay you back 50% of our commission from your first deposit and also we’ll put your referral link into the “Registration”-button below through a A link rotator is a unique link that allows you to route visitors to different landing pages. When a visitor clicks our link he will be redirected to one of the multiple URLs we have added to the rotator. so you’ll earn commissions automatically. You can apply for ReferralCashBack(RCB) and send us your referral when you click on the button below.[/box]


The Investment system works via a telegram bot.

First, if you don’t have already installed the Telegram Messenger App you have to do so. Get it here:

Second, just click on the registration-button above.

Telegram News Channel:
Facebook group:
MyFxBook for tracing the trades:
Website with Landingpage-code & profit calculator:

V-Tec went Scam on Juli 20th 2017 !!!
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