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Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management – Long-term investment

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Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management – Long-term investment


up to 28% per month

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I can not deny that Questra has developed into my absolute favorite. I see here the risk as very manageable. Questra is expanding very strongly and would like to be the world market leader next year. Should the company continue to pursue its business, I see here the chance for us to have found a "LIVE CHANGER", which can really change our life in financial terms.


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Due to a licensing process the company doesn’t pay out at the moment in the following countries: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovakia and Kazakhstan. The licensing is in progress. We will inform you about changes in the News section. In the rest of the world the program is running as usual.

The Questra Holding was completely reorganized in July 2016 and split into 2 companies. The company Atlantic Global Asset Management has taken over all obligations of financial operations from Questra Holdings. Questra World continues to be responsible for the entire affiliate program.

In this context the website was also changed. The ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT site and Questra World have been completely separated.


Login data apply to both the same as before.


Antonino Veiero Robalo, president of AGAM

To immediately anticipate ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT or QUESTRA WORLD is not to be pushed into the same drawer, like many other of the Hyips presented here. The concept of Atlantic Global Asset Management with its portfolios of making money is different and, above all, it is very authentic. The financial company is an international financial holding company and has the official status of one of the best European financial holding company. Since February 2016, the former Questra Holdings has carried out financial and legal audits, extended the license for the activities of the financial holding company and also carried out further professional training for the employees.

SFG Group called the team of qualified traders, founded in Spain in 2009, who then split the company into Questra Holding in April 2013 and Atlantic Global Asset Management and Questra World in July 2017, and went online with the website, thus offering interested parties the opportunity To participate in the trading profits.

Unlike Hyyp’s, there is a decent corporate structure, headquartered and responsible with Antonino Veiero Robalo, president of AGAM, which greatly increases confidence in Questra Holding.

In addition to the 11 possible portfolios we can buy, each with 25 managers (not a single manager, but a whole investment company that generates the returns together), the program also has a very attractive affiliate- And the loyalty program, which we will discuss later.

Investing in Questra Holdings


The 90 Euro standard case has a fixed yield. Here the weekly returns are commuted and only released after one year (not recommended).


  • All prices in Euro!
  • All Portoflios run 365 days
  • Weekly net profit depending on portfolio 3.5 – 7%

Except for the standard portfolio, it is possible to upgrade at any time to an arbitrarily higher portfolio.

This is what we can earn at Atlantic Global Asset Management

In this calculation, we assume an average gross return of 6.5% per week without REINVEST. The important thing is, the higher package we buy, the less is deducted from commission!

Product in Euro weekly profit commission weekly profit without commission weekly profit monthly profit
€ 90,- white case 6,5% 39% 3,96% € 3,56 € 14,24
€ 270,- yellow case 6,5% 36% 4,16% € 11,23 € 44,92
€ 810,- green case 6,5% 30% 4,55% € 36,86 € 147,44
€ 2.430,- blue case 6,5% 24% 4,94% € 120,04 € 480,16
€ 7.290,- red case 6,5% 21% 5,13% € 373,98 € 1.495,92
€ 21.870,- black case 6,5% 10% 5,85% € 1.279,40 € 5.117,60
€ 65.610,- indigo Koffer 6,5% 7% 6,04% € 3.962,85 € 15,851,-
€ 100.000,- vip Koffer 6,5% 3% 6,30% € 6.300,- € 25.200,-
€ 250.000,- vip gold case 6,5% 3% 6,30%  € 15.750.- € 63.000,-
€ 500.000,- vip platinum case 6,5% 3% 6,30% € 31.500,- € 126.00,-

(All data are approximate estimates and do not give any guarantee of correctness)

Each portofolio is responsible for 25 investment offices, whereby the individual managers in each portfolio can be adapted according to the risk appetite. In the dashboard of Atlantic Global Asset Managment you can act as a percentage distribution to the 25 managers themselves. Some offices are speculative, others more conservative. However, we distribute the total return on investments of the investment agencies equally to all investors.

  • Each portofolio will always start the following Monday when it is paid
  • The winnings are automatically transferred to the dashboard every Friday and are ready for payout or reinvesting
  • The default plan is an after-plan
  • Apart from the package commissions, there are no additional fees
  • Portfolio upgrades should only be made on Saturday or Sunday, otherwise the package will not continue working the current week.

The Manger / Trader overview


Deposits and Withdrawals


Minimum deposit is 90.-Euro for the smallest portfolio. IMPORTANT: For bank transfers, a minimum deposit of Euro 5000, – is required, plus Euro 20, – of fees. With PerfectMoney, ADVCash, Bitcoin and OKPay, Questra Holding does not charge any fees.
Procedure: The money is paid first to the account and then the desired portfolio is selected and paid with it.
Minimum payment is 10, – Euro. Payouts are made manually between 3 to 5 working days.

Technical analysis

  • Exclusives Script und Design
  • Data Center: Stockholm Sweden
  • Platform: PaaS
  • DDoS Protection
  • Storage: SSD Based with a copy of the data center in Switzerland
  • Architecture: The core of the system is the usage of its own product exclusively in order to develop the security and allocation of tasks. JavaCore based.
  • Security: All the resources of the project are available only through the https protocol with 128 bit encryption via TLS 1.2, Certificate issued Comodo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
  • Domain Expiration date: 28/02/2021
  • Domain Registrar: SCIP
  • Registrant: Questra Holdings

Affiliate program

Questra Holding has its own site available for the affiliate program
The partner program, which is divided into 9 levels, is designed to collect as much investment as possible from itself and from the Dowline. More investment volume means much more commissions. We start with an initial inspection of 5%, which can increase to 15%. In doing so, the commission is paid for the newly purchased portfolio as well as for all the reinvests of the advertised partners.
Once you have bought a portfolio, you are qualified for the affiliate program.

The Agents Profit


An initial investor receives the 1st level newcomer and receives a 5% bonus. For the second level you must then have accumulated 2,500 euros in investment volume and then get already 7%. For the 3rd level, 25,000 investment volumes are needed and 9% commission is required. So it goes on to the highest level. Important: In doing so, your own points as well as those of the advertised partners are added.

Extra Agent Bonuses


Here we see the incredible revenue we can achieve with Questra World’s affiliate program. In addition to the normal affiliate compensation at the top of the “Agent Profits”, there is additional bonuses when reaching certain investment volumes. This includes your own investment, as well as the downline.
On reaching 25,000 Euro 1000, – Euro bonus
When you reach 50,000 Euro 2000, – EuroBonus
When reaching 100,000 Euro 5000, – Euro bonus
When reaching 500,000 euros 20,000 euros bonus
When reaching 1,000,000 euros 50,000 euros bonus
Etc. up to € 1,000,000 bonus
(Upon reaching the bronze director, an on-site training must be given at Atlanticgam to receive the bonus)

Here are 2 examples:


Example: We are on level 2 and have 4 active downliners in the same level


Example: We are on level 4 and have 4 active downliners in different levels

What you should know

  • Login with mobile phone number
  • Passport and address verification required
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Chinese.
  • Support (possibility of recall within 10 minutes)
  • Events
  • Own partner homepage
  • Very clear dashboard with explanations
  • Exceptional prices
  • The affiliate program now includes everything in QuestraPoints. 1 QP (QuestraPoint) has the same value as 1 Euro.
  • The Questra Holding, based in Spain, really proves this video

Questra Support


Video Review


I can not deny that Questra has developed into my absolute favorite. I see here the risk as very manageable. Questra is expanding very strongly and would like to be the world market leader next year. Should the company continue to pursue its business, I see here the chance for us to have found a “LIVE CHANGER”, which can really change our life in financial terms.

Of course, there are also critical voices on the net that Questra describes as one of the usual MLM programs. Here everyone should make their own picture and before an investment also thoroughly research. For my part, I have done this and am convinced of this company in the long term.

The Questra Holding with the ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT investment platform and the management of the Questra World affiliate program is a very good opportunity with little risk to achieve a long-term very attractive annual return, in addition to the BitClubNetwork presented on CashGeek, and Questra Holding is therefore also number two  of investments on

CashGeek will not hesitate to order larger portfolio packages and to reinvest it before reaching the 7.290s. Only then will I start to take 50% off the weekly returns from the program, but continue to reinvest 50%.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.


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