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Biznet – Long term investment with up to 30% monthly profit

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Biznet – Long term investment with up to 30% monthly profit


10% - 70% per month

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bitcoin perfect money advcash ethereum litecoin

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I like Biznet from time to time better and you see that they work very hard to make something big out of it. I believe we will have a long time with Biznet.


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zertifikat-biznet-212x300 has become a scam !!!

Today I present you the Longterm Investment Biznet. The program has been active mainly in the Russian market since November 2016. The main office is in Saint Petersburg. The kickoff meeting for Germany took place on 11.04.2017 in Stuttgart. The 50 top networkers from Germany were convinced and have given green light. The program is very complex and well structured and translated into several languages. These include: German, Russian, English Portuguese and Chinese. The company operates in Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading.

Investment plans

Forex plans


Robotrade: investment from $ 25 to $ 10,000. Here the robot is trading for us. The robot plan is also the more interesting in my oppinion, so I have also invested in this plan.

  • Example: we are investing $ 1.000, so we earn $ 200 – 300 after 1 month
  • At Roboplan, Gregory Shemet (co-founder) informs us about how much you have earned during the day, at around 11 pm. Until today, so far it has always been 1-1.3%.

What we need to know about the Forex Plan

  • With the Forex plan profit is only made on weekdays and booked daily on the balance. The investment is initially tied for 12 months. After 12 months you can take out 100% of your investment without deductions.
  • Every first Thursday and Friday of the month there is no payout on the Forex plan.

Crypto plans


Here we have 3 plans available, which vary from the investment amount and thus also from the percentages. With the Crypto plans you get 60% of your investment back after one year. For all 3 plans, we will get the return on the balance at around 00.00 o’clock every day.Standard: with $ 25 – $ 10.000 investment we receive 15% per month. So with an investment of $ 1000 you get $ 150 per month = 7 months to BEP.

: with $ 3.000 – $ 10.000 investment we get 21% per month. So with an investment of $ 5.000 you get $ 1.050 per month = 5 months to BEP.

: with $ 10.000 – $ 30.000 investment we get 27% per month. So with an investment of $ 10.000 you get $ 2.700 per month = 4 months to BEP.

Deposits and Withdrawals

bitcoin perfect money advcash ethereum litecoin

Deposits: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Ethereum and Litecoin.
Payouts: Bitcoin, Perfect Money and AdvCash
Important: Payouts can only be applied on Saturday or Sunday and will be paid within 72h.

Partner program




IMPORTANT. In the calculation of the career turnover, a maximum of 50% of the turnover to the next level is calculated from the stronger leg. The remaining turnover must come from the other legs.Team bonus of 0.5-2% from level 4. This is paid monthly for the team turnover for 3 months. Within these 3 months you have to double the team turnover to get it paid for another 3 months. In addition, it is still a difference bonus. Example: The max. 2% Teambonus will be paid out in full. For example, 2% Teambonus in level 7 and you have a frontline partner in level 6 with 1.5% team bonus, you get 0.5% Teambonus (2% -1.5% = 0.5%) on the team. For teampartner, which is in the same career stage as you are, you do not get a team bonus because the difference is 0%. This regulation stabilizes the network as the team structure is promoted to the width. Starting at Level 8 you get the 2% Teambonus permanently without having to double your team turnover every 3 months.Global bonus of 0.5-1.5% as of level 8. This is paid for 1 year on a monthly basis to the company’s total turnover. Within this one year you have to double the team turnover to get paid for another year.

  1. Level: As a normal investor, we are participants and thus receive on the first line 7%
  2. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 1.000 and we have an equity of $ 100, we get $ 50 bonus, the second line is 5%, and are thus we are an agent.
  3. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 5.000 and we have an equity of $ 250, we get a $ 250 bonus, the 3rd line is 3%, and therefore we are a consultant.
  4. Level: If we have a turnover of $ 25.000 and we have an own investment of $ 500, we get $ 1000 bonus, the 2nd line 2%, and a teamwork bonus of 0.5%, and thus we are a manager assistant.
  5. Level: If we have a turnover of $ 100.000 and we have an own investment of $ 1.000 we get a $ 5000 bonus, on the 5th line 1.5% and a teamwork bonus of 1% and thus we are a manager.
  6. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 500,000 and we have an own investment of $ 5.000, we get $ 25.000 bonus, the 6th line 1%, and a teamwork bonus of 1.5%, and therefore we are a top manager.
  7. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 1.000.000 and we have an own investment of $ 10.000 we get $ 50.000 bonus, the 7th line 0.5%, and a teamwork bonus of 2%, and thus we are a director.
  8. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 3.000.000 and have an own investment of $ 15.000, we receive $ 150.000 bonus, the 8th line 0.5%, and a global bonus of 0.5%, making us Silver Partner.
  9. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 9.000.000 and we have an own investment of $ 30.000 we receive $ 300.000 bonus, the 9th line 0.5%, and a global bonus of 1%, making us a gold partner.
  10. Level: If we have achieved sales of $ 27.000.000 and have an own investment of $ 50.000, we get a $ 500.000 bonus, the 10th line 0.5% and a global bonus of 1.5%, making us Platinum Partner.

Company activities

  • Offices are planned in Spain, Portugal and Singapore
  • The company has a total of 22 employees, thereof are 4 Trader (including Alexander who is one of the two co-founders)
  • The current trading volume is about 2 million dollars
  • There is multilingual support (English, German, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • The company has about 1.000 investors outside the MLM
  • DDos protection with 3 TeraBit
  • The trading software from Biznet is licensed by the broker “Instaforex”
  • In the next 10 years, the company will give max. power and achieve success. Forextrading is the passion and the driving force of the company
  • The company is currently implementing its own broker
  • It is planned for the future also an own Coin (Bizcoin) which is also to be traded on the stock market

Brief summary of the important facts

  • There is a multilingual support including English
  • Unilevel career plan
  • Different bonuses
  • Payouts only possible on weekends
  • Credits on wallets within 72h
  • Investments possible daily
  • Reinvests also available daily from $ 25
  • There is also a Telegram group. If you are interested, just contact me
  • If desired, I can give you the complete summary of the kickoff meeting

IMPORTANT Recently they implemented the 2FA code for more security.
My tip: turn this on in any case.

Video Review


I like Biznet from time to time better and you see that they work very hard to make something big out of it. I believe we will have a long time with Biznet.
If you want to know more about the company, take a look in the official presentation(pdf).

I hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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Latest updates from 05/19/2017

  • Registration in St. Petersburg has been applied for (Company is already registered in London)
  • The total turnover in the MLM area is § 3.5 million
  • If MLM partners want to open up new countries / markets, Biznet is ready to travel to this country and carry out an opening event at the expense of Biznet. This has always to be agreed directly with Biznet in advance. However, the prerequisite for this is that the respective partner already has an existing MLM structure in Biznet in other countries or in the respective “new” country.
  • Multi-accounts are allowed but the lower account may not exceed 10 times the volume of the upper account
  • Teambonus was expanded (more details above at the Teambonus section)
  • Important: The Forex plans Handtrade and Manualtrade will be removed since there is only minimal demand. (As soon as I have a new slide I will update it above)
  • Cryptocurrency trading takes place via brokers “Poloniex” and “Kraken”. Currently, there are 7 accounts with a total volume of just under US $ 2 million. Biznet uses specific analysts who work exclusively for Biznet. The data of these analysts are then again verified by another analyst team. At the moment, Bitcoin and 15-20 Altcoins are traded.
  • 2 Topleaders have been in St. Petersburg on 9-12th of May and have been able to take a complete insight on all Forexlive accounts. They have also been able to observe Alexander at Live trading. They also had gotten full insight into the whole history of the cryptoplans
  • The revision of the homepage is in full swing. This will be completed in June including terms, FAQs, etc.
  • In fall 2017, the first Biznet Convention will be held

Latest updates from 06/08/2017

Forex Trading:

  • Maximum risk per trade: 8%
  • A maximum of 30% of the capital in open positions
  • 2 Forex traders in St. Petersburg
  • 1 Forex trader in Ukraine
  • 3 robots
  • Profits under the plan Roboforex are currently earned by 90% software and 10% handtrade
  • Total capital in the Forex market: 3 Mio
  • Roboforex and Instaforex


  • 1/3 Active Capital (Short Term)
  • 1/3 Buy and Hold (Long Term)
  • 1/3 In Bitcoin, ready for purchase (in stock on Blockchain, Coinbase & Cold Storage)
  • Trading on Bittrex, Poloniex & Kraken
  • Poloniax accounts were disclosed (10 accounts in total)
  • 3 crypto traders and 10 analysts / signaling devices
  • Average performance: à Short term 300% / month
  • À Long-Term 100% / month
  • Total capital in the crypt market: 2 million


  • In future, there will be only two plans (Roboforex and Ultimate). These will be running under other names in the future
  • The profits for both plans are to be generated by Forex and Crypto-Trading
  • First-line matching bonus instead of team bonus, which is designed to promote team support


  • Biznet app in construction
  • Own broker in 2-3 years
  • The new homepage and the backoffice are to be finished by the end of June
  • Biznet-Coin in the course of 2017
  • Mining installations over the year 2017
  • Biznet Congress in October (Germany or Turkey)
  • Other branches (Biznet offices) planned in Europe

Biznet Coin:

  • Biznet-Coin Blockchain already exists
  • The basis is the bitcoin blockchain
  • Social-Media Portal is to support the growth of the coin
  • Users can only buy advertisements on the portal via their own coin
  • In addition, a shopping portal is planned

Mining area:

  • Devices can be purchased directly from the customer and installed at home
  • Only one-time costs apart from current electricity costs
  • With the equipment provided by Biznet, Ethereum and all the same blockchain-based coins will be struck
  • Key data of the Mining equipment: 220 MH’s, price: 5,000 $, Estimated annual profit: 12,000 $, Percentage profit: 280% per year
  • Besides the sale, a cloudmining project is also planned
  • Cloudmining is not expected to generate any electricity costs due to the cooperation with a power plant

News from 08/27/2017

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